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Class times

8.45am first bell

8.50am lessons commence

10.50am eating time
11.00am play time

11.30am lessons commence

1.00pm eating time
1.10pm play time

1.40pm lessons commence

3.00pm school day ends

Arrivals and Departures

We are an active travel school and encourage students to travel to school, where possible, in an active way; walking, cycling or riding a scooter. Actively travelling to school is a simple way to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce traffic congestion around the school. If students ride a bike or scooter to school it is expected that they wear a helmet. Students can lock their bike or scooter up to the racks provided in front of the school office. Students need to wheel their bikes or scooters through the school grounds if they arrive at or depart from one of the pedestrian school gates. A crossing supervisor is stationed on Radford Road and students crossing Radford Road are asked to use this facility.

The area at the front of the school is a two minute set down and pick up area. Please remain in your car when using this area to reduce congestion. In the afternoon, children will be seated in the undercover area inside the school gates and will be released when they see their parent’s car at the front of the line. This pick up area has been designed with the safety of our children as a priority.

Parents' cars are not permitted to enter the school grounds without prior permission from the Principal.

Whether students arrive by car, bicycle or on foot, they need to use a pedestrian entrance. In the interest of safety, students must not take a short cut through staff car parks.

On arrival at school, students proceed to The Performing Arts Hall where supervision is provided from 8:15am. At 8:40, they are released to their classroom areas, where they wait until their teacher arrives to commence lessons at 8:50am.

 Class times