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​Sports News Week 2 Term 1

PE Swimming Term 1
Swimming will start next week (Week 3) for students in Years 1-6. Students will need a swim cap, towel, togs (no boardies please!), sun shirt, goggles/earplugs/own sunscreen (if desired) and a bag to put it all in when wet. All Year 1 – 6 classes will run for 30mins each week and the last swimming week will be Week 7. Classes will require parent helpers prepared to get in the water if necessary. Year 1 = 4 parents needed, Year 2/3 = 3 parents needed, Years 4 - 6 = 2 parents needed.

Sporting Schools Gymnastics Term 1
Permission forms were made available on Monday and communicated to students to collect from the office. The first 30 were finalised on Tuesday morning and the list can be located next to the payments window at the office. If you returned a form and are not on the list you are on the waiting list if a position becomes available. The sessions start this Monday and run for four weeks during 2nd break.

 Junior Prep-Yr 3(Tuesday March 22) and Senior Yr4- 6 (Wednesday March 23) Cross Country Carnivals Week 9
Both of these carnivals will occur in the morning session (8.50 – 10.50) of their respective days.

Beep Tests Term 1 (For Years 4 – 6)
Due to the heat this week I have decided to push the beep tests to the end of this term after our PE swimming weeks. Students complete this run once a term and are informed of their progress throughout the year.

Water Bottles & Hats
All students are reminded that they need a hat at school as it is a compulsory school uniform item. If a hat has been lost it needs to be replaced. Water bottles are also encouraged for every day at school.