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Swimming Parent/Guardian Supervision
Your assistance is greatly appreciated at swimming classes, as without helpers swimming at school would not go ahead.  Please be aware that if  you are planning to help out at swimming, no siblings can be present in the pool area whether you are in the water or not. Siblings in the pool area increases risk and distraction to all concerned. Please endeavour to make alternative arrangements.
Remember that a note is required if students are not swimming. Keep in mind that Preps and Year 1s only have 3 one hour swims across 6 weeks and all other years have 5 or 6 30min swims over 6 weeks, so missing even one lesson greatly reduces their swim time. Missed swims are not taken lightly.
Swimming Attire
Several students, particularly boys are bringing board shorts for swimming. Board shorts are not a suitable choice for school swimming as they create more drag and slow down swimming. Leave these for use with a board i.e. surfing, bodyboarding, casual wear and beach trips. We are trying to complete drills and swim strokes with fun attached. Our boys should opt for the tight fitting standard togs or jammers (nothing below the knee).
Furthermore, caps/goggles/sun shirts/togs/towels may not be available for loan for students who forget their gear. Students need to be responsible for their gear: bringing it, changing into and out of  swimming gear and taking everything home.
Swim-offs required
As spaces are limited for Age Champion races and sometimes more students nominate than can be allocated, swim-offs are used to determine positions.
The first round of swim-offs will occur for 11yrs boys and girls this Friday at 1st break. Students need to remember their gear and come to the pool immediately at 1st break. They can eat their morning tea after they’re finished. Boys need to complete a 50m swim off for Freestyle only. Girls need to complete a 50m swim off for Breaststroke and Freestyle.
Students who have put their name forward must be able to swim the stroke and distance correctly without using floatation devices, putting their feet on the bottom of the pool, using the side wall or lane ropes.
Other years:
12yrs no swim offs required
11yrs boys and girls Friday 11th of November (this week 1st break)
10yrs boys require all four strokes to be swim offs and these will occur on Tuesday 15th of November (next week) at first break.
10yrs girls require backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle as swim offs and these will occur on Tuesday 15th of November (next week) at second break.
9yrs no swim offs required
YR3 swim offs are required and will take place Wednesday 16th of November (next week)
YR2 swim offs are required and will take place Monday 21st of November.
Swim Lessons and Carnivals
Our PE swim lessons continue until Monday Week 9 and then our swimming carnivals commence.
Swimming carnival dates are as follows:
Tuesday November 29   Prep & Year 1  9am – 10.50am
Wednesday November 30  Years 2 & 3 9am – 1pm
Thursday December 1  Years 4 – 6 9am – 2.45pm
Strive to excel because we can in sport  Sports Coordinator/PE Teacher  Mr Stephen Bloxsom