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Wondall Heights 2018 Track and Field Carnivals:
Students will practice different disciplines in PE in the lead up to our Athletics Carnivals. The Track and Field Carnivals will be held on the following dates. Parents are very welcome to attend!

Years 4-6 (9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs) – Tuesday, June 19,  8:50am – 3:00pm
Years P-1 – Wednesday June 20,  8:50am – 10.50am
Years 2-3 – Thursday June 21,  8:50am – 1:00pm
Friday June 22 remains a back-up for any carnival if needed.
Shot Put and Discus:
Discus and Shot Put competitions will occur for students  in years 4-6 at lunch times in the weeks prior to the carnival. Students will need to listen to announcements at school advising them on when these events will be held and make their way to the throwing circles during lunch times to compete. Throws are optional to students, however they are ribbon events and do count towards Age Champions.
Students will find out after this Friday’s fixtures if they are in the Soccer finals.  Years 4 and 5 girls have already made their final and received notes on Monday 4th June, notifying them of details as listed below:

When: Tuesday 12th of June
Where: Bayside United Football Club, 34 Andrew St, Lota QLD 4179
Clothing/Equipment:  Wondall Football Jersey, Wondall Sports Shorts, Shin Pads, Long socks, Boots, Mouthguards, Water bottles, For prior to and post-game – Wondall Sports Shirt, Wondall Jumper, Wondall Jacket.

Year 4 Girls and Boys— 3:30PM for Warm-Up / Game Starts at 4PM    
Year 5 Girls— 4PM Warm-Up / Game Starts at 4:40PM Year 5 boys— 4:50PM Warm-Up / Game Starts at 5:30PM
Year 6 Girls— 5:40PM Warm-Up / Game Starts at 6:20PM Year 6 Boys— 6:30PM Warm-Up / Game Starts at 7:10PM

Sports Draws
For the latest sports draws please click on the 'Sports Draws/Classroom Newsletters' link under 'Quick links' on the front of our school website. We will endevour to upload these before the day but unfortunately this can sometimes be out of our control.
sports Draws.PNG